Monday, March 30, 2009

Save Me, O My God

This post is based on Psalm 3...
I am currently reading through the Psalms. I will share some of the insights I am learning from this great book.
1. The situation v. 1-2-Scores of people are against David; they are taunting him
2. What he believes v. 3-6 His strong faith in God; his confidence in God's sustaining power enables him to rest. He vows not to be afraid of the many people who set themselves against him
3. What he prays for v. 7-8 His prayer reflects confidence in God hand in his life, his circumstances and protection from his enemies. He believes ultimate salvation belongs to the Lord and all blessings will come from the Lord.
Lord, continue instilling in me the same confidence David had in you. When I am afraid, help me turn to you in faith, always convinced that you hear my prayer and will answer me from your holy hill. You are my glory, my shield and the lifter of my head! Amen