Friday, April 17, 2009

Decline and Fall of Christianity in America?

During worship on Easter Sunday, I briefly mentioned the Newsweek article that came out earlier this month chronicling the fall of Christianity in America. Click here to read the article. Let me know what you think. Is Christianity declining in America, or are we witnessing old, crusty denominational structures falling apart? Depending on where you focus, there are healthy growing church movements springing up all over America. Many of these new church plants are indigenous and free from denominational ties. Let's face it, denominations are a relic from the past. People today are not looking first and foremost for a certain church brand. They are looking for a church that is real and will help them navigate the challenges of life. If you look at the church through the fading lens of mainline structures, it does appear to be on the decline. But if you look at the church in America through the lens of these bold, entrepreneurial church leaders you'll see creative, dynamic churches springing up around the country. What do you think?