Monday, April 20, 2009

Facing our fears

What are you afraid of today? Is there a person, a deadline, a medical prognosis that is weighing you down? In Psalm 27, David confronts his adverse circumstances by looking to the Lord. The Lord is his light and salvation; the Lord is his stronghold. Therefore he is not afraid of other people. He is not afraid of evildoers, adversaries or foes; even if an army were to camp against him, even here he will not be afraid. What is the source of his sunny disposition? David displaces his fear by placing his confidence in the Lord. His confidence comes from a laser like focus: seeking the Lord (v.4). He goes into the house of the Lord as a regular practice. This is the best way to resolve the crippling effects of fear. Don't miss the active verbs: Seek the Lord. Dwell in his presence. Inquire in his temple. Believe. Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord! Fear makes us passive; faith encourages positive, bold actions. Fear or Faith. Which will you choose today?

Father, the times in which we live are so discouraging. We are beset with mountains on every side. Thank you that you are bigger than all my problems, bigger, than all my fears, you are bigger than all my difficulties. Today, I seek your face, your wisdom and your strength. You are my confidence and you are my reward. Amen