Monday, April 27, 2009

From Sunday's Sermon

From Malachi 2: 10-16...
Just in case you were not in church this past Sunday, I want to remind you that I am working through the Old Testament book of Malachi. I want to encourage you to join us to study this practical message from God each Sunday. Here are some of the things I said about Marriage and the responsibility of the husband:

Sociologist Andrew Cherlin has come out with a new book he calls, The Marriage Go-Round: The state of Marriage and the Family in America Today. In it he raises what he calls a peculiar paradox — we idealize marriage and yet we’re so bad at it. Mr. Cherlin, who is also the author of “Public and Private Families,” has taken upon himself the task of explaining and has come up with the following thesis: There are two powerful forces at war in America, a historic belief in marriage grounded in our religious heritage on the one hand and a foundational principle of individual freedom and a post-modern sense of the right to self-fulfillment on the other. When these values clash, breakup and divorce follow.

Here's my general conclusion:
If you are single- be careful who you marry:
Marry someone who is a believer in Jesus Christ. If you are single don’t engage in sexual activities outside of marriage; you are weakening your future relationship and breaking God’s will for your life.

If you are married and you are happy, praise God. Nurture your marriage. Your marriage relationship is more valuable than your relationship with your kids. Seek God’s grace daily for your marriage

If you are married today and you are not happy in your marriage, seek his grace. God is the one who started marriage. Pray together. Seek God together for strength in your marriage. Join a bible class and attend together. Seek counseling.

If you are divorced, You are greatly loved by God. Divorce is not the unpardonable sin. God wants to heal you of your hurts. God wants to help you avoid the mistakes of the past.