Thursday, May 14, 2009

7 reasons to praise God

Psalm 33: 1-3, invites us to worship God loudly, vigorously, and skillfully using human voices and handmade instruments. Why such exuberant praise? This is a hymn of praise to the God who made all things, who rules all things for his own purposes, and who has chosen a people to be his own for the sake of the whole world.

The writer gives 7 solid reasons for worship that employs heart, hands, voice:
1. God's word is upright
2. Everything God does is perfect and righteous
3. God loves justice and righteousness
4. The earth is full of God's steadfast love
5. God is creator of everything that exists
6. God's will prevails over the nations
7. God sees and knows everything that we do

May your heart be full of joy and contentment as you walk with God through this week.
Father, we love you. We need you. We lay our lives before you in adoration and surrender. We employ our hearts, our hands, our instruments, our voices, our bodies as instruments of praise to you. You are worthy, O God. Amen