Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Summer in the Word

How many of you eat once per week? Do you know anyone who goes to a restaurant and eats only one meal for an entire week? I don't know of anyone who survives on one meal per week. Food, regular intake of food is critical to good health and survival.

How many people do you know who read the bible once per week in church? I can safely say that there are millions of Christians in America whose only "spiritual meal" happens on Sunday, if they make it to church that weekend.

What does it do to the spiritual health and survival of that Christian who only takes in spiritual nourishment once per week?

If we wouldn't eat one meal per week, why do we limit our spiritual intake of God's word to a Sunday sermon. Would you like to increase your intake?

I would like to help you with that. Beginning June 3rd, and every Wednesday at 7:00 PM, I am inviting as many people as possible to join me at the church for bible study, prayer, and worship.

All you need to bring is your bible and a desire to take in the word of God. Is this something you would support? Let me know.