Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Believe in Heaven

The doctrine of heaven is embarrassing for some people. They are reluctant to mention the word for fear of being labeled escapists from the world. Others are afraid of being told they subscribe to a “pie in the sky” wish. Some people are reluctant to entertain a robust belief in heaven because they are busy with life on earth. They can’t imagine that heaven could ever rival America for its wealth, pleasures, and freedoms. Many think of heaven as a place for those who get old and die.

But there is either a heaven or there is not. If there is no heaven then Christianity is false because the doctrine of heaven is a major part of what Christians believe. If there is no heaven then Jesus is false because so much of what he taught centered on heaven. If there is no heaven we have no hope.

On a day like today where we mourn the loss of Jimmy Payne, it is important that we understand what happens to those who die in the Lord. Pray for Octavia, Ursula and let us comfort one another with God’s promise of heaven.