Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Knowing God in a deeper way

Is it the cry and longing of your heart to know God as the foundation for your life? If that’s the case then read Psalm 40 from beginning to end. In summary here’s what the psalmist says about Almighty God:

1.God hears us when we pray: As he waited patiently for the Lord, God heard his cry 40:1
2.God delivers his people: the Lord drew him up out of a pit of destruction 40:2
3.God is trustworthy and blesses those who trust in the Lord 40: 3
4.God does not delight in religious sacrifices; God delights in obedience. The writer says, I delight to do your will, O my God. Your law is within my heart 40:6-7
5.God sees and knows the unfolding events of life: God’s steadfast love and faithfulness preserves his people 40:6,11-10

What strikes me once again is the relationship between living, struggling, rising, falling – the warp and woof of life, if you will – and experiencing God.
Knowledge of God comes through his word and through the University of Life. I would think that if our knowledge of God is based purely on concepts and intellectual ideas, God is just a name on a page; a sterile, detached being. But allow God to walk with us, and talk with us through every day and in every way, and God becomes personal, relational, and knowable.

Lord, we need your help. You are not a Sunday God who suddenly comes alive on Sunday in hymns, texts, and sermons. You are great and greatly to be praised each day of the week. Enroll us in the University of Life; be our teacher and guide; may we know you in deeper, more delightful ways as we feast on your word and live each day cognizant of your presence. Amen