Saturday, June 13, 2009

What God wants

According to Psalm 41, God blesses all who consider or show kindness to those who are poor. Anyone who considers the poor, God will do the following:
The Lord protects him and keeps him alive
He is called blessed in the land
God will not give him up to the will of his enemies.
The Lord sustains him on his sickbed
In his illness you restore him to full health. 41: 2-3

According to recent World Vision statistics, of the more than 6.4 billion people in the world, 1 in 7 does not get enough to eat

1 in 2 lives on less than $2 per day

To learn more visit here and then do one thing!

Father, as Americans living in relative ease, we thank you for all our blessings. We thank you for the generosity of American Christians who give their time, talents, and resources to make this world a more just place for those who are weak and poor. Continue to enlarge the influence of these compassionate churches and Christians who try to let their light shine in a dark world. Amen