Friday, July 31, 2009

Christ in a meaningless world

I am almost through reading a book written by David F. Wells, professor of historical and systematic theology at Gordon Conwell Seminary. The book is called Above All Earthly Pow'rs: Christ in a postmodern world.

Throughout the book so far he shows the emptiness and futility of human efforts to find meaning without God. Even in the church we have become such pragmatists that we think we can solve the church problems of our day without the help of the Holy Spirit.

Here's one of many helpful quotes:

We can search for the Kingdom of God, pray for it, and look for it, but only God can bring it about. The Kingdom is God's to give and to take away; it is only ours to enter and accept. We can inherit it, possess it, or refuse to enter it; we can preach it, but is is God's to establish. We receive, we do not take; we enter, but we do not seize; we come as subjects in his Kingdom, not as monarchs in our own.

As God's people at FPC, we are called to humility and complete dependence on God to do his work through us. FPC, along with other churches are called to be signs of the Kingdom of God in our world. May God so help us to live his visible reign in us for all to see.