Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Communion Service This Sunday

This Sunday we gather to celebrate the Lord's Supper; I hope you will join us. John Calvin, the 16th century reformer, reminds us of the importance of this sacrament:

God has received us, once for all, into his family, to hold us not only as servants but as sons and daughters. Thereafter, to fulfill the duties of a most excellent Father concerned for his offspring, he undertakes also to nourish us throughout the course of our life. And not content with that alone, he has willed, by giving his pledge to assure us of this continuing liberality. To this end, therefore, he has, through the hand of his only begotten Son, given to his church another sacrament, that is, a spiritual banquet wherein Christ attests himself to be the life-giving bread, upon which our souls feed unto true and blessed immortality. John 6:51

The Lord's Supper reminds us that sin is costly; grace is powerful; God is holy; Christ is coming again and we are one body in Christ!