Saturday, July 4, 2009

Healthy Members=Healthy Church (2)

According to Pastor Thabiti Anyabwile, a healthy member is an expositional listener. In order to do this kind of listening the pastor must ensure that the sermon gets its main point/s from a particular passage of the bible.

Assuming that the pastor is preaching sermons that are clearly derived from Scripture, then the task of the member of that church is to listen for the voice and message of God as revealed in his Word.

He asks this question: What are the benefits of expositional listening?
1. It helps us cultivate a hunger for the word of God
2. It helps us focus on God's will and to follow him
3. It protects the gospel and our lives from corruption
4. Encourages faithful pastors-makes the pastor work harder when the members show up each week to hear and understand the scriptures to make them wise unto salvation
5. It benefits the gathered congregation-promotes unity

The chapter ends with this question: How can church members cultivate the habit of expositional listening?
1. Meditate on the sermon passage during your quiet time
2. Invest in a good set of commentaries-(or check out the ones in FPC's library!)
3. Talk and pray with members about the sermon after church
4. Listen to and act on the sermon throughout the week
5. Develop the habit of addressing any questions about the text itself
6. Cultivate humility
I would add a seventh step to cultivating the habit of expositional listening: be faithful in your worship attendance where the word of God is taught and preached!
See you Sunday