Monday, July 6, 2009

Healthy Members=Healthy Church (3)

In the second chapter of his book, "What is a healthy church member?" Pastor Anyabwile says a healthy church member is a biblical theologian.

But there is a problem to face: Ignorance of God. Quoting from J. I. Packer's very helpful book, Knowing God, he says, ignorance of God's ways and the practice of communion or devotion with God lies at the root of the church's weakness today.

The source of this ignorance of God comes from misplaced thoughts. We think great thoughts about our world but leave room for only small thoughts about God.

So what would biblical theology look like for the member? To practice biblical theology is to know God himself through the pages of Scripture!

How does biblical theology work to promote health in a church member?
1. Practicing biblical theology helps us grow in our reverence for God
2. It helps us overcome our wrong ideas about God
3. It helps inoculate the church against false doctrines
4. It helps the church fulfill the Great Commission. Jesus commands the church to teach all believers to observe all that he commands.

How does a church member become a biblical theologian?
1. Read a good book on biblical theology (check with me on some possible choices; or check out our church library)
2. Study the Scriptures thematically. In other words, study the big ideas of the bible: creation, fall, election, redemption through Christ, his death, Resurrection, glorification and second coming.
3. Read the Old and New Testament as one story, from one author. When reading the Old Testament try to determine how Christ is represented in the Old Testament and fulfilled in the New Testament.
4. Know and understand what our church believes. For us this means, what does it mean to be a Christian in the Presbyterian Church? What does it mean to be a reformed, evangelical Christian?

Healthy churches have members who are knowing God, loving God, and obeying God. This knowledge of God is found not in our feelings, opinions, or experiences, but in the Word of God.

If you are serious about being a healthy member of FPC, then I have good news. We have the structure in place to help you become a biblical theologian. Consider joining us at 7:00 PM, Wednesday nights, for in depth studies in the book of John, or at 9:00 AM, Sunday mornings, for additional bible classes.