Sunday, July 26, 2009

What is a healthy Church Member? (pt. 4)

Pastor Thabiti M. Anyabwile believes that healthy church members demonstrate genuine conversion. They know the work of God's grace in their own soul. Without genuine understanding of conversion, churches will be filled with vast numbers of nominal Christians - those who hold to the faith in name only.

By definition, conversion is the radical turn from an enslaved life of pursuing sin to a free life of pursuing and worshiping God. It is a change of life, not merely a decision. This change is not a matter of moral rectitude, self help, or mere behavior modification. It is not accomplished by outward displays or religious practices like "walking the aisle."

Therefore it is important that we know our own souls. Using 1 John as a diagnostic tool we ask ourselves the following questions:
1. Do we walk in the light or the darkness?
2. Do we love God the Father?
3. Do we love other Christians?
4. Do we have the testimony of the Spirit that we are Children of God?
5. Are we persevering in the faith?

When it comes to conversion we must recognize that evangelism is not a matter of clever technique but of relying on the Spirit of God to bless the Word of God to effect spiritual rebirth and the radical change of conversion. Conversion is God's work and for that we are grateful!