Friday, September 18, 2009

What People Expect From The Church

I am still here. I haven't been writing much lately. Since coming back from Jamaica, I have been dealing with many things on my plate.

I want to share something I have been reading and thinking about: Willow Creek Association of Churches recently published a brief survey called Focus: The top ten things people want and need from you and your church.

Their survey results show that there are 5 expectations people have of their church. I want to hear your comments. Are these expectations real in your life? Do you have similar expectations of FPC?

1. Spiritual Guidance
Help me understand the bible in greater depth
Help me develop a personal relationship with Christ
Encourage me to take responsibility for my own spiritual growth

2. Accountability and Impact
FPC helps me develop relationships that encourage accountability
Provide opportunities to grow spiritually through relationships with others
Empowers me to go out on my own to make a significant impact in the lives of others

3. Belonging
Helps me feel like I belong
Helps me in my time of emotional need
Provides compelling worship services

4. Ownership
Sets clear expectations about what it means to be part of the church
Inspires such a sense of ownership that the church becomes an important part of who I am

5. Serving
Promotes a strong serving culture that is widely recognized by the local community
Provides opportunities to serve those in need

So how does this square with your expectations of FPC? Also, why not pass these thoughts on to your friends in the church who may not get this and give them a chance to respond?