Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Praying Christian

One of the Soul Food small groups meeting at the church on Thursdays is starting at new study on prayer. Chad Ubry's group would love to have you come and learn more about the theology and practice of prayer.

In preparation for that group I invite you to read a recent post written on the Resurgence Blog by Winfield Bevins, an Acts 29 Pastor - Outer Banks, North Carolina.

Before You Pray
Every believer can have a dynamic personal prayer life. The Bible gives us the keys that we need to develop a powerful prayer life. Scripture is full of examples of men and women who walked with God and used prayer to impact their world, and you can do the same thing through prayer.
However, before praying, there are four things that we should take into consideration.
1. Schedule a regular prayer time.
Find a time every day to spend in prayer. The important thing is that we should be consistent. The psalmist said that he prayed seven times a day.
2. Choose a private place to pray.
A prayer closet could be anywhere as long as it is private. You can use your garage, pantry, front porch, or any other creative place where you can get alone with God. Some people pray while driving in their car and others pray while working out or running.
3. Try to limit distractions.
Don't pray in the same room where you watch television or are tempted by other activities.
4. Have a prayer list to guide your prayers. You should pray for your family, friends, church, etc. This will ensure that you don't forget important things to pray for.