Friday, November 6, 2009

A movie worth seeing

Some of you know that I enjoy watching movies that are engaging and push me to think about life, faith and culture.

Inspired by a true story, The Blind Side, depicts the life of 15 year old Michael Oher (pronounced oar), abandoned by his crack-addicted parents, seemed doomed to a life of imminent destruction, but was rescued and adopted by a wealthy, white, solidly evangelical family, played by Sandra Bullock

I plan to see this movie when it comes out November 20 because it addresses issues that matter to me: race, adoption, faith in action, rich Christians in an age of hunger, compassion, and the difference caring Christians can make in a troubled, broken world.

Sandra Bullock, who played the role of Leigh Anne Touhy, shared her concerns about Christian people:
One of my biggest issues has always been people who use their faith and their religion as a banner but don't do the right things, yet still go, 'I'm a good Christian and I go to church and this is the way you should live your life,'" said Bullock. "And I'm like, you know, do not give me a lecture about how to live my life when you go to church every week but I know you are still sneaking around on your wife. And I told Leigh Anne in a live interview, one of my largest concerns getting involved with this project was that whole banner-waving thing because it scares me, and I've had experiences that haven't been great with people like that. I don't buy a lot of people who use that banner as their shield. But she was so open and honest and forthright with me I thought, wow, I've finally met someone who practices but doesn't preach."

Bullock's next comment suggested that the Touhy's newfound fame has provided them fresh opportunities to impact others with the hope that they have. "I now have faith in those who say they represent a faith," Bullock commented. "I finally met people who walk the walk."

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