Thursday, November 5, 2009

Trusting in the Lord or trusting in self?

On Sunday, I have the privilege of leading our congregation in an exposition of Psalm 115: 1-18. I am calling the message, "Trusting in the Lord." During my reading I found this wonderful quote from Lloyd Ogilve in 12 Steps to living without fear.

"Our need to be in charge of ourselves, others, and situations often makes our relationship with Christ life's biggest power struggle. We are reluctant to relinquish our control and allow Him to run our lives. We may believe in Him and be active in the church and Christian causes, but trusting Him as Lord of everything in life can be scary.

Even though we pray about our challenges and problems, all too often what we really want is strength to accomplish what we've already decided is best for ourselves and others. Meanwhile we press on with our own priorities and plans. We remain the script writer, casting director, choreographer, and producer of the drama of our own lives, in which we are the star performer."