Friday, December 11, 2009


Many of you know that I answered the call to serve another congregation. On Sunday, November 29, I moved from New Castle, PA to Evanston, Illinois to serve as the pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Evanston.

Thanks for your love, prayers, and godly encouragement. Here are a few things that I am either learning or I am being reminded of:

1. No matter where I go the Lord is there Psalm 139: 7-12

2. God's Word is the same no matter where we go Psalm 119:105

3. People are essentially the same. It's a different place, different culture, different sights and sounds, but at the end of the day people need to love and be loved. People are searching for the meaning of life. I have the blessed task of pointing them to Christ. I Corinthians 8:6

4. Christian Community and friendship is the sweetest thing in the world. The folks of First Presbyterian Church in Evanston have opened their hearts to our family in the short time we have been here. We are members of the body Christ. Race, wealth, education, and other such matters are peripheral. Acts 2: 42-47

5. I love my wife and kids and I can't wait until this phase of separation ends. Thanks for praying for us and loving us. We are praying for you too!