Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Reading and thoughts on the importance of reading

Here's a great article from John Ortberg on reading; then check out some of the books below. Even if none of these books appeal to your intellectual appetite, I want to encourage you to pick up and read first, God's word, then other books that stretch your mind and grow your heart in deeper ways. Happy summer reading!
Bridges, Jerry The Great Exchange
Carson, D.A. How Long, O Lord
Clowney, Edmund The Unfolding Mystery
Dever, Mark (editor) In My Place Condemned He Stood
DeYoung, Kevin Just Do Something
DeYoung, Kevin Why We’re Not Emergent
Ferguson, Sinclair Children of the Living God
Ferguson, Sinclair The Sermon on the Mount
Ferguson, Sinclair In Christ Alone
Harris, Josh Boy Meets Girl
Harvey, Dave When Sinners Say I Do
Kauflin, Bob Worship Matters
Mahaney, C.J. Humility
McCulley, Carolyn Did I Kiss Marriage Goodbye?
McCulley, Carolyn Radical Womanhood
Ovey, Mike and Steve Jeffrey (editors) Pierced For Our Transgressions
Sproul, R.C. The Glory of Christ
Stott, John The Cross of Christ