Monday, August 9, 2010

The unity of Scripture

Many years ago, as a young Christian, someone explained the two testaments to me this way : the NT is contained in the OT and the OT is explained in the NT.
This made a lot of sense to me back then and 
to this day still does. The bible is two covenants or testaments with one overarching message of God's plan to redeem creation through the death and resurrection of Jesus. These testaments do not contradict each other and are therefore reliable for our spiritual growth.

For example, in reading through Acts, I noticed one of many examples where the OT contains a clear reference to the resurrection of Jesus. In Acts 2:25–31 Peter quoted Ps. 16:8–11 as a text pointing to the resurrection of Jesus, noting that David spoke of God not abandoning him to death. He then reasoned that, because David died, the psalm must have been speaking about one of his descendants. Since Jesus is the only one who conquered death and is a descendant of David, he must be the promised Messiah whom David foresaw.

Praise God for the unity and reliability of Scripture. Can you think of other examples where the message of the Old and New Testament show unity of thought?