Monday, September 20, 2010

Pray for church in Afghanistan

Each month I receive a news letter from my friend Dan McNerny, Associate Director for Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship. His most recent article, Dying to have access, addresses the need for unreached people groups to have access to the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was also disheartening to read of the incredible pressures facing Christians in Afghanistan. Please remember to pray for Christian communities under fire for their faith in Jesus Christ.

When you read his letter try to imagine what it would be like if the American government treated Christians the way the Afghani government treated believers in their country! Here's an excerpt from his letter:
Presently, there are very few Christian communities in Afghanistan. Those that do exist, meet underground in hidden places. Recently, the Afghani government planted hidden cameras in these underground churches, which exposed the faces and identities of many members. Images of these people appeared on television throughout the country and many members of the current Afghani Parliament cried for these followers of Jesus to be executed. As a result, the Christians in Afghanistan are now scattered, some having left the country; and all of this is coming on the heels of 14 Christian eye doctors and nurses being murdered last month by the Taliban. These blatant acts of hostility and prejudice are no different from what many of the Christians endured in the First Century.