Friday, October 15, 2010

Nothing but grace

One day in 1514, Professor Martin Luther was in his private office on the second floor of a tower attached to his monastery. He was studying Paul's epistle to the Romans, and he came to Romans 1:16-17. Luther began to grasp the fact that God's justice and His grace are at cross purposes. Justice would require that we be judged for our sins, but grace provides a way of escape. "I see the answer," said Luther. "God punished Jesus in my place, the same Jesus who had kept God's holy Law. But punishing His Son, God carried out His threat that sin will be punished by death. All I have to do is accept this fact and I need not fear that God will punish me with eternal death. I am holy in God's sight because I know and believe that Jesus is holy for me and has taken my punishment."
When we realize this and accept Christ, we have our own "tower experience." Our sins demand justice, but God gives grace; and that's why we are not ashamed of the Gospel!
Should we ever get tired of hearing the story of grace over and over again? I surely hope not!