Thursday, January 27, 2011

Worship Matters from Psalm 24

This is an amazing psalm of David. The Lord God, who has dominion and ownership over all the earth, invites us into his presence. However, as we come before God in worship, self-examination is critical. Only those who have clean hands and pure hearts; who have not lifted up their soul to what is false and does not tell lies will receive a blessing from the Lord.
If this is true, then worship is not about external mechanics, per se, but about internal preparation, self-examination, humility, repentance, and honesty before God. This is definitely not seeker sensitive but God sensitive.

The vision of worship in Psalm 24: 1-10 is very different from worship in modern day America. We are preoccupied with music; is it traditional or contemporary? Did we finish on time? Was the sermon too long or short? Did the sermon make me laugh, or was it too heavy on the bible? The result is we are less aware of God's transforming work in our lives and more fixated on how worship makes us feel. So, whose worship is it?