Monday, January 3, 2011

You will be my witnesses

Our first worship service of 2011 was filled with the presence of Christ! I am also starting a new series of expository messages on the book of Acts. As I closed the sermon from Acts 1: 1-11 on Sunday, I shared some practical ways through the power of the Spirit we can be witnesses for Jesus Christ in the Market place. Several of you asked me for the witnessing steps. Here they are:

Spend this week thinking about which areas God might be calling you to take action.
  1. Ask Jesus to increase your compassion for those who are far from God.
  2. Read a book to sharpen your thinking about sharing your faith.
  3. Choose a few friends, co-workers or family members to pray for.
  4. Become aware of openings to talk about your relationship with Christ in everyday conversations.
  5. If someone seems open, suggest going to coffee -- be prepared to really listen to them!
  6. Invite a few folks to join you for an informal, short Bible study.
  7. Propose to a few friends that they serve with you in a volunteer opportunity.
  8. Invite a neighbor to come to a social activity or worship gathering at church.
  9. Give a friend a thoughtful book on Jesus or the Christian faith.  (from Living the Christian Year by Bobby Gross)
I have a question for you: What experiences have you had sharing Christ with others? This could be a positive or negative experience.