Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bill Bright’s contract with God

Bill Bright’s contract with God - Ministry Toolbox - Pastors: " by Rick Warren

One of my mentors was Bill Bright, who founded Campus Crusade for Christ. Through the worldwide Crusade staff, his tract, The Four Spiritual Laws, and the JESUS film (seen by over one billion people), it’s estimated that over 150 million people have come to Christ and will spend eternity in heaven.
I once asked Bill, “Why did God use and bless your life so much?”
He said, “When I was a young man I made a contract with God. I literally wrote it out and signed my name at the bottom. It said ‘From this day forward, I am a slave of Jesus Christ.’”
Bill surrendered to God and he agreed to it in writing. 
Even though we’ve surrendered to ministry, we sometimes still argue and struggle with God over his right to direct us in ministry. But Jesus calls us to his ministry, not one of our own choosing.
It is always the right time to surrender – to God’s grace, love, and wisdom."
Have you ever considered a contract like that with God?