Saturday, April 23, 2011

Marriage is not for the faint of heart

God asks husbands to do one of the most important things in marriage: Husbands love your wives. Easier said than done. I want you to watch this very short clip of one man who took the word of God to heart and loved his wife, in sickness and health. When the dreaded disease of Alzheimer’s made its uninvited entrance into their marriage, they still never wavered in their commitment to one another. In fact, their love deepened even further. Find out how their love and marriage survived until "death do us part."

Dr. Robertson McQuilkin was the President of Columbia International University but needed to resign so that he could care for his wife, Muriel, as she was increasingly in decline due to Alzheimer's disease. His story is a sobering reminder of the joy that can emerge from the very painful things we experience in this world. His story is also a magnificent portrait of what faithfulness in marriage can look like. Read more about them in their book, Promise Kept: A story of unforgettable love

What are some of the challenges facing married couples today?