Sunday, May 29, 2011

Why do you serve?

Not long ago, as I was driving home after completing a wonderful memorial service for a family at our church, I saw the most precious sight: I saw a member of our church with two clear plastic bags in hand, walking around our parking lot picking up an assortment of trash.

I eventually pulled out onto Chicago Ave wondering what would prompt this person to take time out on a Saturday afternoon to pick up trash around the church. There were numerous college football games on TV, places to go and people to see. 
Yet step by step his clean up job covered the entire parking lot, even reaching in and around the bushes. This was not a committee or ministry team at work; this was a single person acting on some unknown impulse to make our facility look clean and free of debris and presentable for all who visit our church campus.

I did not take the time to speak to this person but I did wonder what prompted this man to serve our church in this way. I will never know because I did not ask him.

You can do the same too! Look around you. Is there something with your name written on it just waiting for your touch? Find it and do it!

Matthew 5: 16 is a great text to ponder.