Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Get this book to help you pray!

K.K. Yeo and his family are members of First Pres. Evanston. He is a prolific author, the Harry R. Kendall Professor of New Testament Interpretation at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, but most importantly,  K.K. Yeo loves God.

His love for God is evident in his most recent book. K. K. just finished a book of prayers centered around parts of the Old Testament. I have been praying these prayers. These are prayers of a man seeking after God. I commend this book to you as a way to pray when you can't pray, or want to pray in fresh and dynamic ways.

I have used this book to pray at home, begin my meetings, and also for personal meditation. Are you interested in deepening your prayers and your love for God? The Spirit Hovers: Journeying through Chaos with Prayers, will help you. K.K., thank you for helping us walk with God! Buy a copy through Barnes and Noble or Amazon.

Dear Lord,
When your children are too consumed with the instant now,
help us to remember the beginning,
so that our narrow vision
might be healed by your creativity and power.

Help us to transform
that which is formless void and darkness
into meaningful existence and beauty
through power of your Holy Spirit.

When your children are too cynical about the future,
help us to know the beginning
that creates the future,
so that our vision and wonder
might be assured by our coming hope

Help us to trust in you,
knowing that you are the God who raises the dead
and the God who creates out of nothing
all that is good, beautiful, and truthful.

speak to us
so that we learn to embody grace,
and view life in the present
but live towards the end.

Dr. K.K. Yeo

Question: What are some of the challenges you face with prayer? Post your answer below!