Sunday, January 8, 2012

What you think about matters!

I am slowly reading through Dr. Michael Horton's new book: The Christians Faith: Systematic Theology for Pilgrims on the way. This important quote caught my eye and I share it with you because our "what's true for me" culture tends to quickly dismiss doctrine as boring or oppressive. 

The main message of scripture is the unfolding mystery of Christ, who reveals his Father and reconciles us to him, theology is a central concern of every believer.

It would be odd if we told our spouse or even loved ones that we wanted to spend time with them and experience their fellowship regularly but did not want to know anything about them...their characteristics, accomplishments, personal histories, like, dislikes, and plans for the future. Yet when it comes to God, people assume they can have a personal relationship with God apart from theology. In fact, some Christians assume that knowing doctrine and practical living are competing interests. The modern dichotomy between doctrine and life, theology and discipleship, knowing and doing, theory and practice, has had disastrous consequences in the life of the church and its witness in the world.

Question: What steps can one take to deepen one's theological understanding?