Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What's your worship style?

Be honest. Isn't this THE question people like to ask? Or they may ask, what kind of worship does your church have? Blended? Contemporary? Traditional?

Embedded in this question is an inner yearning to experience worship in a personal and satisfying way. Worship, when framed this way, feels like going to the movies.

When I hear a buzz about a certain movie, I want to go and see it because movies are entertaining. So I will ask, "What kind of movie is it?" If it's a chick-flick, no thanks!

I want you to take a different approach. Instead of thinking about worship style, think about worship through Isaiah 6: 1-12

Here, the question is not about style, or buzz factor, but about the subject and object of worship.

In Isaiah 6 worship is about God.

Worship is upward
Worship is not worship unless it has an upward dimension.

What did Isaiah see when he entered the temple?

I don’t think he saw the band’s instruments? Are they going to play organ music or contemporary music?

He wasn't watching the clock. Am I going to be able to get in and out in 60 minutes of less?

When Isaiah entered the temple, he said, “I saw the Lord.” Isaiah 6: 1-4

He also noticed that others were worshiping God. Worship is not restricted to human beings. There are others worshiping God right now; and today isn't even Sunday.

The angels worship God too. And I can guarantee that they are not asking each other what’s your worship style? Revelation 4: 6-11

In the courts of heaven God has no rival. In heaven, worship is an unending expression of adoration to almighty God.

If there is such a thing as a worship style, Isaiah would say, my style is to see the Lord when I enter the temple; that's all I want. What's your worship style?

To the reader: How would you answer the question if you were asked about worship style?