Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Evangelism in a Time of Decline

Writer, Sarah Howell, provides us with an insightful article regarding the ongoing sickness and decline of mainline religion in America. She says: 

"What we need is not a call to action. What we need is a call to holiness.
Last summer, I heard Marcia McFee speak at the Indiana Annual Conference. She offered a workshop on worship design and made a point that I will never forget. When people resist change in worship, she said, they are actually expressing fear. Fear around changes in worship reflects an unarticulated fear of losing God. If someone has always connected with God through hymns accompanied by an organ, it is no wonder that they worry about not finding that connection through praise choruses sung to a guitar. It seems to me that this fear is part of changes in church and society at large, not just in worship. The world is changing and the church along with it, and we are afraid that those changes will cause us to lose God."

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Do you agree with her?