Thursday, May 17, 2012

The enemy of prayer

My brother in Christ, Dan McNerney, says some of the most helpful words on prayer I have read in awhile. I pass his words on to you, trusting they will move your heart the way mine was moved to be with God.  

If I told you that last week I was praying five times per day, you would most likely think I was hanging out with Muslims. Instead, I was in a monastery with Trappist monks near Atlanta, Georgia, praying with them, beginning at 4:00 in the morning each day. How often my body and mind wanted to resist having to go to the sanctuary yet another time in order to pray with my new friends. Couldn't I skip at least one of the sessions, especially the really early one? Why, in the first place, are these monks compelled to pray so often? The answer comes slowly and silently - because Jesus prayed at least five times a day, and why shouldn't we?     Click here for the rest of the article.