Tuesday, October 9, 2012

11 Reasons to stop complaining

Here are 11 reasons to avoid a complaining spirit like the plague (and why it's bad for those around you).

These are based on Numbers 11

1. It shows a lack of gratitude for God's provision

2. It shows a lack of faith in the power of God to do right by his children and provide His best

3. Unfairly places a burden on the leadership

4. Destroys unity of purpose and fosters a divisive spirit

5. This spirit never stays contained but spreads like gangrene to others in the community

6. Keeps people focused on the problem instead of the solution

7. Creates deep impatience and unrealistic expectations

8. Seeks easy, selfish solutions that in the end create more problems

9. People who complain are generally very immature and unable to deal with ambiguity

10. People who complain today will always find something to complain about tomorrow; they cannot be pleased.

11. Causes leadership burnout

After reading Numbers 11, what would you add or subtract from this list?