Thursday, February 14, 2013

Coca-Cola for every person in the world

Several years ago, CocaCola shared their wellpublicized goal to place "a Coke in the hand of every person on the earth by the year 2000." It created quite a bit of stir.

Their most recent business plan has the goal of having a cold Coke within one mile of every person on earth by the year 2020.”

These are quite bold and ambitious plans – but I’d say don’t count them out.

 Coca Cola has changed the world in many ways. They are a more globally recognized product and icon than I dare say Christianity.

The yearly revenue is $29 billion; they have $43 billion in assets. They have more than 90,000 employees around the world.

So is the church then a small little kid who should be intimidated by this big bully drinking a coke?

 No the church is the big bully that is intimidated by the little kid drinking a coke.

American Evangelical Christians earn more than $2.5 trillion per year. Almost 100 times more than Cocacola.

US Evangelical’s hold upwards of $5 trillion in assets and that’s NOT including the value of their homes!

80% of the world’s evangelical wealth is in North America!!!

Oh GOD help us to be good stewards of such WEALTH!!![1]


[1] From sermon: Fasting as Missions by Dr. Michael Oh