Friday, February 8, 2013

The integrity gap in the American Church

Reading this quote highlights the gap faced by the church in America between what is desired and professed and what is finally done!
Most Christians belong to churches that teach tithing—the giving of 10 percent of one’s income. Most American Christians also profess to want to see the gospel preached in the world, the hungry fed, the church strengthened, and the poor raised to enjoy lives of dignity and hope—all tasks that normally require money.
And yet, despite all of this, American Christians give away relatively little money to religious and other purposes. A sizeable number of Christians give no money, literally nothing. Most of the rest of American Christians give little sums of money. Only a small percent of American Christians give money generously, in proportion to what their churches call them to give. All of the evidence, we will see, points to the same conclusion: when it comes to sharing their money, most contemporary American Christians are remarkably ungenerous.
Smith, Christian; Snell, Patricia; Emerson, Michael O (2008-09-29). Passing the Plate:Why American Christians Don't Give Away More Money. Oxford University Press.

Why do you think the church is so ungenerous?